Know our Privacy.

GRUPO EMPRESARIAL ESTRATEGIA. S.A. de C.V. (GEMES). with address at Monasterio Number 29. Colonia San Angel. Delegation Alvaro Obregón. C.P. 07 000. Mexico City. is responsible for the processing of your personal data. Our customers’ information is treated strictly confidentially. They have been collected and will be treated by GEMES under the principles of lawfulness. Consent. Information. Quality. Purpose. Loyalty.  proportionality and responsibility. in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Data that is collected

GEM IS going to try. among other personal data. Name. Age. Home. Email. telephone (fixed and/or cellular). social media. Gender. tastes and preferences. among others. GEMES may collect sensitive personal data depending on the service or product contracted and/or requested by the Owner. Just like that. such sensitive data may be transferred to third parties whether physical or moral. domestic or foreign nationals. for the sole purpose of fulfilling the purposes set out in this privacy notice.

Purposes of the processing of personal data

GEMES will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Purposes necessary for the maintenance of the relationship with the Customer:
    • Carry out the process and verification of conflict of independence:
    • Integrate your file as a customer:
    • Provide services that may become or have been contracted:
    • Acquisition of rights or products related to

In the event that our customers do not wish GEMES to process their personal data for the intended purposes. 5 (five) days to express their refusal by duly signed letter. sent to the GEMES Management Body via email to the following address: contacto@gemes.com.mx.

Measures to protect personal data

To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and to ensure that the information is used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. GEMES has established physical procedures. electronic and administrative matters. using advanced technologies that limit the use or disclosure of your data. allowing them to be treated appropriately.

Transferring personal data

In order to provide you with a service or a good. as well as to send you information from our business partners. GEMES may transfer your personal data both within and outside the United Mexican States to subsidiary companies. affiliated with or related to GEMES. Authorized Distributors and/or their third party service providers with whom they have a legal relationship. as well as competent authorities.

The consent of GEMES customers or potential customers will not be required when transfers are made to companies in the same GROUP of GEMES or where such transfer is necessary to provide you with a good or service. keep our records up to date. to respond to your inquiries.

Regarding the transfer of personal data from potential customers to third party service providers. We inform you that. if you do not express your refusal by submitting an application signed by the Owner. we will understand that you have given us your consent to such transfer.

Request for access. Rectification. cancellation or opposition of personal data and revocation of consent (ARCO request)

All your personal data are processed in accordance with the applicable legislation and in force in the country (United Mexican States). therefore we inform you that you have at all times the right to access the personal data held by GEMES and the details of the processing thereof. as well as rectifying them if they are inaccurate or incomplete: cancel them when they turn out to be excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justified their obtaining: and oppose their treatment for the purposes provided in this Privacy Notice. through the Governing Body. by sending an application signed by the Holder. email addressed: contacto@gemes.com  .m x: which contains at least the following information:

  • Full name of the holder of the
  • Address of the data subject and/or email address to communicate response to
  • Official documents proving identity and/or authorization to represent you in the application (Current Voter Credential granted by the National Electoral Institute «INE» or Current Passport).
  • Description of the personal data on which it is intended to exercise any right
  • Any other element that allows the location of personal data and attention to your

Through these channels. in your request you can specify the means by which you wish to receive a response to it. since. if you do not have this specification on your part. GEMES will establish the channel it deems relevant to send you the answer to your request.

Mechanisms and procedures for revocation of consent

At any time, customers or potential customers may request the revocation1on of the consent they have given for the processing of their personal data, communicating such request to the Management Body, by sending a request signed by the Owner, addressed to the email: contacto@gemes.com  .m x. In any case, such request must clearly detail the data for which your consent is revoked.

Options and means to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data

Our customers have the possibility to limit the use or disclosure of their personal data or refuse to transfer them, through the Management Body, by sending a request signed by the Owner, addressed to the email: contacto@gemes.com.m  x:  strongly specifying the desired limitation to the use of their personal data.

Mechanisms to collect personal data automatically in remote or local electronic communication media

The GEMES website, like other sites and micro sites owned by GEMES use «cookies» for its operation, which in turn allows us to obtain personal data from the Owner who contacts us by such means. Customers and potential customers browsing our websites may choose to disable the functionality of cookies within their browser, taking into account that they may not be able to view all the content of such internet pages.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice may be modified from time to time by GEMES. Such modifications will be informed to you in a timely manner through your website www.gemes.com.mx. or any other oral means of communication, printed, electronic or through the use of any other technology, which GEMES determines for this purpose.